Who and what is Jesus now?

According to John chapter 1, Jesus has always been “the Word.” He’s called the Word because it’s through him that God expresses and reveals himself. All we need to know about God, therefore, is revealed by the Word. He is the full expression and revelation of God. In our terms, the Word “shows and tells” us what God is really like.

We need look no further than Jesus the Word, then, to get an accurate picture of God. The Word is, and always has been, God in all his glory, but he’s also the one through whom God reveals his glory. And that’s why the Word came as the human Jesus, to reveal that glory of God to us. He was still “the Word,” being what he always was, and doing what he’d always done. As a human, therefore, nothing changed. The Word took on a human body, yes, but his eternal purpose of revealing God remained exactly the same.

As the Word in human form, Jesus was perfectly equipped to make God and his purpose crystal clear to us. Everything he said and did was a perfect representation of God. It didn’t matter that he was human. It didn’t limit his ability to be the Word. The Word was the full expression and revelation of God in whatever form he was in. Human or spirit, the Word expressed and revealed God perfectly. In Jesus, therefore, we see and hear God, and even though he was only a short time with us, Jesus was still able to show us all we need to know about God, John 1:14 – “The Word became flesh and lived for a while among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” As the Word, Jesus came to us full of God’s grace and truth. But that’s because he’s “the Word.” That’s his glory, it’s revealing God in full, in all his grace and truth, and we humans “see that glory” when we accept and believe that’s what he came as the Word to do (verse 12).

Revealing God in full has always been the Word’s glory, though. It was his glory before humans existed and his glory ever since. It was his glory while he was human himself, and his glory now he’s back to “full power” again. In whatever form he’s in, human or spirit, his purpose never changes. He keeps on doing what he’s always done. Through him we know God, in full. And in that we can trust: we have God’s Word on it.


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