When God walked and talked with us

I’ve often wondered what kind of body God appeared to Adam and Eve in. There’s a clue in Genesis 3:8, because when they hid from God, he went looking for them, walking in the Garden and calling to them, meaning he had eyes, legs and a voice, just like a human.

It tells us something of the relationship God wanted with humans. He walked and talked with Adam and Eve at their level. It was a lovely, easy relationship between humans and their Creator, and I assume it would have continued this way throughout their lives until God made them immortal, at which point they could relate to God at his level, too.

But that was the plan. Having humans relating to him that easily and that closely was exactly what God intended, because he “created man in his own image,” Genesis 1:27. He made us in his likeness, “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world…to be adopted as his sons,” Ephesians 1:4-5. We humans, therefore, had an amazing future ahead, as the only creatures God made that he could share his life with. He started that life off by sharing our realm with us, but always with the aim that we’d share his realm with him. Heaven and earth would come together as one. .

But that’s always been his intent. From the very beginning God the Father wanted to shower the life of heaven on us, Ephesians 1:3. But it all blew apart at the starting blocks when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, because from then on humans would simply live out their physical lives, die, and disappear back into non-existence again. And that created a dilemma for God, because he couldn’t go back on his word. Death meant death. But what kind of God would he be if he let humanity die out without doing anything about it, especially when he made us to bring the realms of heaven and earth together as one?

But God had the Word, and through him the dilemma would be solved, because the Word created humans in the first place (John 1:1-3), so the Word could RE-create humans too. But notice how he did it: He created himself as a human and entered our realm again. He walked and talked with humans, just like he did in Eden, and lived the life God created humans for. And through the Spirit he now lives that life in us, so that we can enter the life he how lives as a human being, the life of heaven, but lived in humans on the earth. Heaven and earth as one, walking and talking together on this earth forever.


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