God’s dilemma

God’s dilemma had come about because he’d given humans a will. As such, we could decide for ourselves what we wanted to do. Trouble is, we’d be sorely tempted with this will of ours to act independently of God. It’s the nature of the beast, it seems, just like it was for a third of the angels who were also given a will, but used it to reject God and branch out on their own.

When the serpent, therefore, gave Eve excuse to branch out on her own as well, it was an easy sell. So easy that neither her or Adam felt any compunction to check things out with God. They just did what the serpent said. But it all sounded so good being king and queen of their own castle, free to do as they pleased, and think they were so clever they didn’t need God. So they disobeyed him. Result? They would die and disappear.

But that wasn’t what God had “framed the worlds” for (Hebrews 11:3). He didn’t give humans a will so they could turn whichever way they wanted. He made us to be like him, in his image, sharing his mind and nature. That’s how he started Adam and Eve off, and all they needed to do to remain in that state was trust God, tune their will to his and follow his instructions, and then at the end of their mortal lives God would have made them immortal so they could share his life forever. It was a great plan. And if they’d followed along with it, God would have shielded them from the natural inclination of their will, just as he does for Christians today.

The cause of God’s dilemma, then, was humans who didn’t use the help available to combat the natural inclination of their will. It was the same with the angels. If they’d all tuned their will to God’s will, it would’ve kept their own will in check. It’s the same for us as Christians. We know from very real experience that constantly staying tuned to God’s will keeps our will in check. Lose our contact with God and our will soon takes over.

Which is exactly what happened to Adam and Eve. They let the serpent tune them into his will, not God’s. And the Devil’s still at it today because our inclination to want to act independently of God is still so easy to sell to. But if it’s that easy to sell to, what chance have we got of resisting? Ah, well that’s where the “Word became flesh” comes in again….


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