Real living is knowing God

In John 17:3, Jesus tells us what real life – life you can live forever – is all about; it’s knowing God. But why is knowing God important? Because if we don’t know God we don’t why he made us, do we? And if we don’t know why he made us then we’re running through life completely blind, and what’s the sense in that? Think what we might be missing out on, too…

Adam and Eve didn’t care a hoot about that, though. They only had ears for a serpent who made them think God wasn’t worth knowing. So, instead of them experiencing what it meant to be “made in God’s image,” they swam off into life without a clue what life was for. And what was life like after that? It was horrible. People became so twisted in their thinking they could only think of evil things to do to each other. And after living through such an awful existence, they ended up dying anyway and disintegrating back into nothingness. It was a terrible waste of life, and all from not knowing what life was for.

It was tragic too, as far as the Word, our Creator, was concerned, because he knew what life was for. It was he who’d given life to human beings in the first place, and given us minds like God’s so we could share God’s life and love in an everlasting paradise, but look what had happened instead. It was a disaster. God’s plan for humanity was up the spout. Did the Word, therefore, want nothing more to do with us? Quite the contrary. Instead, he felt enormous compassion for us, seeing us so horribly wasted and humiliated by the Devil. He would not see us rot.

But that meant starting over again. It meant renewing us in God’s image again. It meant giving us a second chance at knowing God and why he’d made us. Solution? He, the Word, would become one of us. That way we could see God, and in seeing him, know him. And what did people see? They saw him heal everyone who came to him for healing. He cast out demons. He stilled a storm. He walked on water. He even brought people back from the dead. After seeing all that, it was obvious he’d been sent by God. No ordinary human being could do what Jesus did.

Good, because everything Jesus said and did would open their eyes to what God was like. Seeing him was exactly like seeing God, John 14:9. Imagine the shock, then, when he was killed…


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