A glimpse in time of what God is always

Understanding God would be so much easier if we’d been alive when Jesus was here, right? We could have seen Jesus in action, heard him speak, and even sat down with him and got a real sense of what God is like. But all we’ve got instead is a brief glimpse of him in a world very different to ours, based on what others wrote about him.

His time here had to be brief, of course, because he came to die, and after he died there was no need for him to come in a physical body to die again, Hebrews 7:26-27, and it’s only at some unknown date in the future when we get to see him again. In the meantime, therefore, between the time of his death and his return, we’re left with only a glimpse in time 2,000 years ago to figure out what God is like.

But that glimpse is enough to tell us what God is always. The life and death of Jesus are only a window in time, yes, but it’s a window that opens up to what is always happening in the heart of God, no matter what century we live in. When Hebrews 7:25 tells us that Jesus “always lives to intercede” fur us, it means he’s still doing what he did when he was here as a human – and we know what he did as a human in Luke 4:18 – he lived to intercede for people, demonstrated clearly in all the caring for people and teaching he did. So nothing’s changed: what Jesus did in his brief time on Earth, he’s doing today as well.

Only much better. Actually, it’s a lot better for us that Jesus ISN’T here as a human being because, Hebrews 9:24, “Christ has entered into heaven itself, to appear now before God as our Friend” (Living Bible). In his present position Jesus is far better able to intercede for us, because he’s right there in the presence of God, able to present our case to the Father personally. And he does it for every one of us, over and over again, no matter where we live on this planet, or in what period of time. What Jesus did in his human lifetime, therefore, wasn’t just a one-time event. It illustrates what God is always doing. He’s always seeking us, loving us and sacrificing for us. And as each new crop of Christians appears, he’s ready to repeat the whole process all over again, because in Jesus and his brief time here on Earth we have a glimpse in time of what God is always.


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