Am I really a Christian? (Part 2)

When God the Father calls us, it’s like a summons to stand before Jesus Christ, supreme power of all powers, king of the universe and beyond, before whom all knees bow. It’s not to make us shake or quiver though, or freeze us in fright at all the things we’ve done wrong, it’s to give us an explanation and two gifts.

The explanation is that God has now got us on the journey of our lives. And to guarantee success on our journey, he has two gifts for us. Carry those two gifts with us wherever we go and we’ll get to journey’s end in a blaze of glory. And the journey is? To overcome sin. And the two gifts guaranteeing success? Christ’s death and Christ’s life.

But how do Christ’s death and life help us overcome sin? Sin’s a cunning killer. It’s a powerful force. It can slice a human into little pieces and chuck him to the sharks in just seconds. A slight temptation appealing to some natural desire, and a human being is a total pushover. Left to ourselves, we wouldn’t get off the starting line in our journey without sin tripping us up and planting our faces in the mud. But sin can trip us up all it likes, because it can never put us down for good. Why not? Because Christ’s death protects us.

What we carry with us in Christ’s death is immunity to sin ever being able to kill us. It’s like having endless lives in a video game. If you’re killed, you wait a few seconds, and up you get again. Christ’s death gives us endless lives, too. And that’s what gets a Christian started on the journey, knowing he’s got this wonderful immunity gift with him. He (or she) can stride out in confidence that Christ’s death has taken sin’s killer power away. It’s what makes us Christian and want to take the journey. It’s why we know we’re Christians too, because we realize we’ve got this unique gift giving us immunity to the power of sin. 

Christ’s death doesn’t give us immunity to the influence of sin, though, which comes as a bit of a shock. This is when Christians begin to doubt they’re Christian, because they sin so easily still, and how can that be? Well, Paul reminds us we’ve got two gifts with us, not just one, Romans 6:5. “If we have been united with Christ in his death, we will certainly also be united with him in his resurrection.” Now that we’re Christians, God’s equipped us with another unique gift…(continues in Part 3)


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