The amazing parallel between cats and religion

I don’t know how cats do it. They are the most efficient killing machines on the planet for an animal their size. They are cunning, predatory and equipped to kill, with huge swivel ears, eyes that can see in the dark, retractable claws they can sharpen to a needle point, fangs that can rip a bird to shreds, and a body that can flatten, bend and twist into the most amazing contortions to enable it to catch and slaughter its prey. And what do humans do with this monstrous creature? Take it into their homes by the million and give it names like Fluffy!

But cats are so cute! Their fur is so soft. They look like they’re smiling. They cuddle without resisting, purr when stroked, close their eyes in pleasure, rub against our legs – and who can resist a cat’s miaow?! A cat’s no trouble, either; in only minutes it has us meekly meeting its every wish!

What an amazing parallel there is between cats and religion. Religion, with all its rules, rituals, expectations and threats, is the most ruthless, predatory killer of human joy on the planet. And it too weasels its way into our affections while enslaving us into fulfilling its every wish and command.

But religion’s so cute, too! It has all these intriguing rituals that make a person feel spiritual. It has structure and a set system of worship that removes the need to think. You can give yourself credit for good works done, and earn your way into the afterlife on your own strength. And it’s so easy; just follow the rules, do the rituals, and a place in the afterlife is guaranteed.

It’s rubbish, of course, as Paul pointed out in Colossians 2:8 – “See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of the world rather than on Christ.” Steer clear of all that man-made tripe pretending to be spiritual, Paul warns, because it totally removes the need for Christ. But it takes people captive with ease anyway – just like cats do!

There is an antidote, however, and cats have that too, because cats are the freest creatures alive. They can live with humans and not be influenced by us one tiny bit. They ignore all human rules, all human attempts to train them and all our ridiculous human customs. They are cats and stay as cats, no matter what human environment is pressed on them. Thanks to cats, then, we also have the antidote to joy-killing religion – ignore it with total disdain.


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