How can there be an “unpardonable” sin?

If all our sins are forgiven because of Christ’s death, why is there a sin that cannot be forgiven (Luke 12:10)? And if God loves us while we are yet sinners, why is there “a sin that leads to death” that no prayer can prevent (1 John 5:16)? And if God still shines his sun on the worst sinners in the world, still pours rain on their crops, and still allows them to enjoy the good things of life, why are some sins exceptions to his boundless mercy?

Because the purpose of God extending all that mercy, love and forgiveness is to stir up repentance (Romans 2:4). If there’s no repentance then all that love, mercy and forgiveness is useless. If a drunk driver kills my child, for instance, I may be able to forgive the driver, but what is the point of forgiving him if he doesn’t STOP drinking and driving? His drinking and driving will always be an unpardonable crime and a constant danger until he repents of drinking and driving and never wants to do it again.

Unfortunately, some people abuse and exploit God’s forgiveness. It doesn’t stop them being bullies, gossips, cheats and liars. They continue lording it over their wives and children, making money at other people’s expense, stealing other people’s property, treating animals cruelly, damaging people’s reputations, and saying whatever they like no matter who it hurts. They like the power, the intimidation and the fear they create. And they have no intention of changing.

Does God still love them? Oh yes. But he sent the Holy Spirit into every human heart to clean us up. To stop us sinning. To soften our hearts toward God and each other to eradicate the ugly attitudes inside us that make life hell. But we can shut out the Spirit’s influence. We can stop listening to our conscience. We can justify our ugliness, blame others, make ridiculous accusations and deliberately resist the one source of help that enables us to grasp the enormity of God’s love and want to get rid of the junk inside our heads and hearts.

It’s like the drunk driver who has no remorse. He deliberately covers his ears to blot out the cries of the injured and hides his eyes from the horrendous results of his crime. He doesn’t care. And it’s that state of mind that makes his sin unpardonable. Does God love him? Yes. Does God forgive him? Yes. But all that endless love and forgiveness is useless until the person’s attitude and behaviour change. And the Holy Spirit will never give up helping a person to change, so that God’s amazing forgiveness fulfills its purpose eventually.


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