It all backfires on the devil in the end

The devil’s purpose, according to Scripture (like Job 1:11), is to get us humans condemning God. “How could a loving God allow so much suffering?” we cry. “Why doesn’t God stop disasters before they happen?” “Why does God let innocent children be killed?” “Why does God let people die horribly?” “Why did God let priests abuse children?” “Why does God let religions rule people’s lives by fear?” And on and on it goes, curse upon curse upon this awful God who allows disasters, accidents, illness, war and fear-driven religion.

There are so many accusations against God nowadays, but Scripture does say that “There will terrible times in the last days,” 2 Timothy 3:1, when “People will be lovers of themselves, boastful, proud, abusive…lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,” verses 2, 4. And one thing that people really take pleasure in is “opposing the truth,” verse 8. They love making God and Christianity look monstrous and pathetic.

And some of them are very good at it, too. They may be arrogant but they also rightly expose the farcical side of hell-based religion and the self-centred fanaticism of saving one’s own skin in some distant, fuzzy heaven. The devil isn’t satisfied with just that, though. He wants to “oppose the truth,” to dig up every excuse and reason possible to condemn God. Why? Because the devil must justify himself.

It’s no surprise, then, that the condemnations of God are getting louder, and atheists are on a roll. “But they will not get very far,” verse 9 says, “because their folly will be clear to everyone.” One day it all backfires when the stupidity of condemning God becomes obvious. And when does that happen? When we answer the question honestly,”Would you condemn me to justify yourself?” Job 40:8. Ask ourselves WHY, exactly, we’re condemning God. Is it just to make ourselves look good compared to him?

But for what purpose? Making God look bad doesn’t solve anything, does it? It doesn’t make our world any better, it doesn’t stop terrorism and genocide, and it isn’t saving us from what we’re doing to ourselves, is it? So why ARE we condemning God?

Because we’re puppets “of the ruler of the kingdom of the air,” Ephesians 2:2. He’s using us to condemn God to justify himself. All we’re doing by condemning God is reinforcing the notion in the devil’s head that HE’s better than God.

But one day it all comes clear to us what the devil’s been up to, and – at last – we “come to our senses and escape the devil’s trap” where we’ve been “held captive at his will,” 2 Timothy 2:26. In other words, it all backfires on the devil in the end.


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