Being filled with Jesus’ humanity

People would often tell me when they saw my children as youngsters, “Oh, how they look like you,” because children are little versions of their parents. As our children grow they develop several of our personality traits and mannerisms too. Later still they may even follow us into the same careers, or enjoy the same hobbies.

Similarly, God created us in his likeness, so in our humanity we’re little versions of him, the goal being that we develop and share his likeness more and more as we grow, just like our children develop and share more and more of what we are as adults as they grow. Unfortunately, we fell far short of God’s likeness because we believed the serpent’s lie that all we need as humans to become like God is to know good and evil (Genesis 3:5).

The serpent was clever because he was partly right: Knowing good and evil does make us like God, but only in the knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 3:22). It doesn’t fill us with everything that God is. It’s like a child thinking he’s just like his Dad if he can repair a puncture in a bicycle tire like his Dad does. But just because he repairs tires like his Dad does, it doesn’t make him like his Dad in everything else his Dad is capable of.

God’s goal is to make us in the likeness of ALL that he is, but the serpent got us settling for less. So God sent Jesus in whom “all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,” Colossians 2:9 to fill US with the fullness of God in our bodily form too, verse 10. Jesus came in our limited form of humanity to give us the fullness of God’s form of humanity – which Jesus could do, of course, because HE IS the fullness of God in human form, so he’s fully qualified to make us into the fullness of God in human form too.

It is Jesus’ goal, therefore, to fill our humanity with the same fullness of God’s humanity that he has in himself, so that we are truly made in God’s image in every way, not just in knowing good and evil. Through the Holy Spirit Jesus is “transforming us into his likeness with ever-increasing glory,” 2 Corinthians 3:18, just like our children grow into our adult likeness with ever-increasing strength and brainpower. And one day our children become fully-fledged adults in their own right, just as God sent Jesus to make us into fully-fledged humans in the fullness of his humanity too.


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