The door to eternity isn’t locked

So there we are, interested in eternity at last, rather than being totally consumed with success and everything working out right in this world. But eternity looms before us like an impenetrable castle on the hill. How does a frail, physical human get through walls that thick, ramparts that high, and gates that tightly shut? 

In front of the gates, however, are all kinds of religious folks offering a way into the castle, a secret passage into eternity if you follow them. They’re making a lot of noise trying to attract customers, but in amongst them is a little chap with a sign with just one word and a couple of numbers on it: Romans 5:6. Intrigued, you weave through the jostling crowd, reach the man with the sign and ask him what it means. “Read it for yourself,” he says, a little sharpish for your liking, but you take the slip of paper he hands you and on it you read, “You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.”  

The little chap looks at you with a “you don’t get it, do you?” look, which explains why he was a bit sharpish earlier. He’s obviously had very few takers. “Is this the secret to getting into the castle?” you ask. “Yes,” he replies, with a little more interest. “Some time ago,” he continues, “the locks on the castle gates were removed. That’s the secret – they’re not even locked. Anyone can give them a little push and they’ll swing wide open.”

He gave a little chuckle. “Hard to believe, isn’t it? All these religious folks promising clever ways of working your way into eternity, and the gates have been open all the time!”

“But how can that be?” you ask. “Well, you just read it yourself,” he replies, “it’s there in Romans 5:6. We humans can’t find a way into the castle. We were utterly powerless because God isn’t going to let ungodly humans enter eternity. But just when it seemed no one would ever make it in, Christ died for us. He took our ungodly nature and nailed it to his cross. Hey presto, we were no longer ungodly, and the locks on the gates were removed. We were free to enter.”

“So, if I believe this, I’m free to enter too, am I?” you ask. “Of course,” he replies, “and if I’d had room on the sign I would’ve added verses 9 and 10 too, but they’re on the gate, written for all those who believe verse 6 first….”


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