“Why SHOULD I believe?”

So how do you answer someone who says, “You Christians are always going on about ‘faith in Jesus’ and all we have to do is ‘believe’ – but why should I believe all that Jesus stuff? What evidence have you got that Jesus even existed?”

Well, that’s easy to answer: there were eyewitnesses who saw and heard Jesus personally. And in a court case eyewitness evidence is what lawyers seek out most of all to make their case believable. So did Luke when making the case for Jesus. Before he put pen to his gospel he went in search of “eyewitnesses” first, Luke 1:2-3. He wanted people who had walked and talked with Jesus in person. Luke wasn’t asking for blind faith from people, he was offering real evidence.

The cynic could reply, of course,” Yeah but, who’s to say those eyewitnesses Luke talked to weren’t lying? Or who says they even existed?” But something got Christianity started, and the only book written on the origins of Christianity, the Bible, says it was eyewitnesses that did it – hundreds of people who saw Jesus alive after he was killed, and several who saw him disappear into the clouds several weeks later. That’s what convinced them Jesus really was who he said he was. It was what they themselves had seen and heard (1 John 1:1-3), and it was only then that Christianity took off and spread.

And in a remarkable prediction in Acts 1:8, that’s exactly what Jesus himself SAID would happen, that his message would spread – to the whole world. And has it happened? Yes; Christianity is now a major world religion, and we have our own eyeballs as eyewitnesses to it. So we’re now eyewitnesses to Jesus being right, providing yet more eyewitness evidence making Jesus believable, and this time it’s our own.

Jesus also predicted in that same verse that he would supply all kinds of “witnesses” after he left to prove he was real, and the evidence provided by these witnesses would be blatantly obvious. In what way? By the startling changes in people who listen to their message and are willing to check it out for themselves. Remarkable, noticeable, wonderful things start happening to them – Acts 10:42-44, 1 Corinthians 2:2-4, Galatians 3:1-5 and 5:16-24, and Colossians 1:3-8.

So that was Paul’s challenge. Hey, if you want a decent reason for believing all that Jesus stuff, check it out with an open mind and see what happens next – to you. Then you can be your own witness. No depending on anyone else’s witness. No blind faith required, just good, solid evidence you’ve experienced personally.


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