Is the world getting worse or better?

Whether the world is getting worse or better is not for me to decide. That’s Jesus’ business since he’s King of the world. What IS my business is whether the world is worse or better where I am, based, of course, on Jesus’ definition of worse and better, not mine.

The world’s getting “better” from his point of view when people repent and believe the good news (Mark 1:15), that Jesus is bringing Heaven to the Earth in humans. He brought Heaven to the Earth as a human, and he’s been sending out witnesses ever since to do the same thing. Wherever those emissaries go they do things on Earth as they are done in Heaven. That’s what they pray for, that God’s Kingdom come, his will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. And as they pray that – and by the power, love and wisdom of the Holy Spirit are able to do it too – the world gets better in their small sphere of influence.

We’ve each been given a brief window of life to catch on to what Jesus is doing, believe it’s true, and stir up the Spirit to make it true in ourselves. And it takes the Spirit to do it because Jesus instituted a totally radical, new way of being human, patterned purely on how things are done in Heaven. He spent three and a bit years teaching and demonstrating that new way – in the Sermon on the Mount, in his compassion and care for the sick and troubled, in his criticisms of the religious folks of his day, and finally in his suffering and death. He was a living demonstration of how a human being can make the world better.

All he asks us to do, then, is repent and believe the good news, that we’re not helpless tools of the Devil, we are, in fact, carriers of Jesus’ way of being human wherever we go, meaning we can make this world better wherever we go. Ever since Jesus took over as King of the world, he’s been giving power to his emissaries to fulfill the purpose of Creation, to bring Heaven and Earth together in humans and to put things to rights on this planet, and we are his witnesses to that.

If we don’t believe that, and believe instead that things are only going to get worse and worse no matter what we do, then what’s the point of living? But if you believe the Spirit is providing a constant flow of power, love and wisdom to make the world better wherever you go, does that not make life already a bit better?


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