Belief, yes, but belief in what?

“Accept and believe and you will be saved,” many Christians say, but accept and believe what, exactly? The usual answer is, “Accept and believe that Jesus is our Saviour, that he died for our sins, and because of his death our sins are forgiven.”

But is that all God wants us to believe, that Jesus is our Saviour? No, it’s also believing that “God is TRUTHFUL,” John 3:33, meaning God has done what he said he would do. Which is? That he would send someone “from heaven (who) is ABOVE ALL,” verse 31. And that’s what we’re being asked to believe – and appealing to everybody else to believe as well – that “the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God; to him God gives the Spirit without limit,” verse 34.

The one God sent, therefore, is mighty powerful. He speaks for God himself, and his power has no limits. We then find out who this immensely powerful being, sent from God, speaking for God, and powered by God, is, in verse 35: “The Father loves the Son and has placed everything in his hands,” and it’s BELIEF IN THAT, verse 36, that makes all the difference. It’s not just accepting Jesus as our Saviour, it’s accepting that Jesus is “ABOVE ALL,” that he has unlimited power, and the Father has put everything – the whole creation and the destiny of every creature in earth and heaven – in Jesus’ hands. Believe THAT and we have eternal life. Believe that and God’s anger evaporates, verse 36. Believe that and we have “certified that God is truthful,” that he’s done what he said he would do – send someone with the power to save all creation. And God only gets angry when we don’t believe that, or when we don’t believe that he sent someone with the power to save everybody and everything.

God sent Paul too, to remind us of what “God purposed in Christ,” that one day “ALL THINGS in heaven and on earth” will be brought “together under one head, even Christ,” because he gave his Son that kind of power. This is the “word of faith we are proclaiming,” Romans 10:8, or what we’re asking people to believe, “THAT,” verse 9, “JESUS IS LORD,” that Jesus is all-powerful, he’s Lord of everything that exists, Lord of our present, Lord of our future, Lord of our eternal destiny, given the power of God himself to bring it all together, exactly as God purposed and sent him to do.

So it’s belief, yes, but belief in one thing in particular, that God is truthful, that he truly did what he said he’d do – send someone with the power to save everybody.


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