The Father gave up one son, but no more

The Father gave up his only begotten Son, so he wouldn’t have to give up any more sons. “He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all,” Romans 8:32. Jesus’ death covers everybody. That’s why Paul asked in verse 34, “Who is he that condemns?” Who out there actually dares condemn a fellow human to being lost or given up to eternal death forever, when the Father of us all gave up his Son to save the whole world, not condemn it (John 3:17)?

Jesus died because God has no intention of any more of his children dying. “He died for all,” 2 Corinthians 5:15. HIS death, therefore, was the only death needed to prevent the death of everyone else. Jesus died so that no one else would need to die. He was the only son that needed to die. No other son has to.

If that wasn’t true and instead some of God’s children will be lost forever, it begs the question, “How could God call himself ‘Father'”? God calls himself “God the Father,” because that’s what he does; he fathers. He’s always fathered. For eternity he has fathered the Son without losing him because that’s who he is and what he does, he’s a father who loves his Son with a love that never dies. And nothing can “separate US from the love of God” either, Romans 8:39, so God now eternally fathers US with his Father’s love too.

So how could he give ANY of us up to eternal death or eternal torture? It’s not in his title or in his nature to do such a thing. Being “the Father” he can only eternally love his children. Oh, he can get very angry at us but only because we continually condemn ourselves to misery because we don’t believe who he says he is, or what he did to prove it (John 3:18). He proved he’s our eternally loving FATHER by sending Jesus to die so we wouldn’t have to live in misery. And Jesus wholeheartedly agreed to that plan because of his eternal Son’s love for his Father. And we now have his love for his Father in us. Nothing can separate us from it. Some think hell separates us from the Father’s love for us, or from the Son’s love in us, but Paul says that nothing – not angels, demons, heights or depths, or “any powers,” verse 38 – can make the Father give us up, or make the Son stop living his Son’s love for his Father in us.

So when the Father gave up one Son, it was to make sure he would never have to give up another.


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