What if no one’s interested?

A Christian told me of his frustration that no matter what he did for his family, or what he said to his kids and grandkids, not one of them was interested in God. None of them asked about God, and some of them resented any hint of God. He kept on helping them out anyway with money, practical help, babysitting and a listening ear, but any suggestion from him that God could also help them was immediately rejected.

But their family problems were huge – marriage break-ups, angry teenagers, depression, money problems, drug addiction, sexual confusion, kids out of control, and parents distracted by their own problems. And the only help they had came from pills, counselling sessions with professionals, talking the Christian’s ear off with their problems, and dumping their children and their animals on him whenever things at their own homes were too much to handle. That was their way of coping, and  they stuck to it, even when it was obvious that nothing was being resolved.

It was horribly discouraging, because if the Christian couldn’t reach his own family with God’s love, in both word and deed, what hope was there of reaching anyone in this culture? Are people so taken up with their problems that just surviving each day consumes them? And is their view of God so twisted by religion and the culture that just the mention of his name nowadays makes them angry?

God, however, is the master of timing. He knows what conditions a seed needs to germinate and grow. Some seeds need a long period of dormancy or darkness, others need heat, fire and extreme conditions to crack a hard outer shell, while others need careful nurturing under the care of an expert before they finally give in and grow. Different seeds have different needs. And since God made it that way on purpose for seeds, why not for humans too? We’re all unique and God made us that way, so it’s clearly up to him and his skills, therefore, to know how to make a human germinate and grow. And some people give in and grow very easily in response to his love, while tougher nuts are harder to crack.

Some may even need a period of hell, either in this life or in some sort of hell in the future. But the goal is always the same, to reach into that seed’s DNA and find the formula that stirs it to life. And only God knows that. So if a person isn’t interested in God now, that’s God’s business, because he knows exactly how to stir them to life in the best way for them.


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