To see God push the Jesus button

“If only I could see God then I might believe in him.” But God doesn’t turn up at meeting halls with inspiring messages, or appear at the United Nations with solutions to world problems. He isn’t a superstar filling huge auditoriums, nor is he in the headlines like Spiderman for saving the innocent. Instead, he remains hidden and invisible, letting us figure out for ourselves what kind of God he is, or if he exists at all.

But Philip wasn’t satisfied with that. “Show us the Father,” he said to Jesus in John 14:8, “and that will be enough for us.” If we can just get a peek at what the Father is like, then we’ll believe you. But, Jesus replies in verse 9, “Anyone who has SEEN ME has seen the Father.” The whole point of me being “among you such a long time,” Philip, was to do exactly that, show you the Father, so “How can you say, ‘Show us the Father'” when I’ve been showing him all this time?

Oh, thinks Philip, and wonders what he missed. Fortunately, Jesus tells him.

First of all, Philip, you can see the Father in “The words I say to you,” verse 10, because everything I’ve been saying came from “the Father living in me.”

Ah but, Philip could have replied, “How do I know the Father is living in you?”

Simple again, Jesus replies in verse 11, “the evidence of the miracles.” How do you think I did all these miracles, Philip? By myself? No, it was the Father doing them, because he’s revealing himself in me, not only in everything I say, but in everything I do as well.

But if you really want to see the Father, Philip, there’s a button you can push that always slides the door open to him. Here it is, in verse 13: “I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father.” You can see God in his glory by simply coming to me with all your life concerns, because it’s in what I do for you personally “from now on” that you will come to “know him” and realize you “have seen him,” verse 7. The Father now reveals himself in how Jesus answers our prayers.

So that’s three ways in which we can see God in Jesus: In what Jesus said, in what he did, and in his answers to our prayers, because in all three ways the Father was, and is, the power behind them. It’s always through Jesus that the Father reveals himself. Jesus is the only button we ever need push, therefore, to see God.


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