The day that free choice died

In the beginning God presented Adam and Eve with a choice, and their lives from that point on would be affected by their choice.

It was a real eye opener, because it demonstrated clearly that human beings make really stupid choices when given the chance to choose, and even when we’re faced with dire consequences for wrong choices, we still make them anyway.

And to prove the point, God allowed a whole era in which humans could do what they wanted, and look what happened: the rise of brutal empires, weird religions, human sacrifice, abuse of the weak, endless violence and evil people with no conscience. Several times in this awful era God intervened to slow the results of human choice, making it very clear after four thousand miserable years of human history that, unless he intervened, human beings would self-destruct. It was a fact of history that, given the freedom to choose, humans choose death.

Then came the day that Jesus took that entire era of free choice to the cross and killed it. It was the end of the beginning, the death of the era that allowed free choice to determine the lives of humans. It was also the beginning of the end, the start of a new era that would gradually and relentlessly put an end to the results of human choice, by the pouring out of God’s Spirit on everyone (Acts 2:17). The healing of a world wrecked by human choices had begun. No longer would humans have to choose to determine their future, because their future from now on would be taken care of by the Spirit.

It should have been a great relief that humanity was no longer ruled by its choices, but to many people it hasn’t been a relief at all. They still want to be free to choose, so they resist the Holy Spirit. They don’t want help. They think they can handle life and death on their own strength, and their pride won’t let them think otherwise.

But now they’re a menace in this era too. They account for most of the world’s problems. So the time comes when God brings an end to their mischief. He isolates the rebels and removes their influence, and they have no choice but to seethe in their pride until they’ve had enough of their stupidity. And that’s when “The Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come!’ Whoever is thirsty, let him come, and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life'” (Revelation 22:17). Put all that silliness of freedom of choice behind you, and please, just come and join the fun.


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