Christianity has nothing to offer if….

Christianity has nothing new, unique, or even helpful to offer if Jesus wasn’t transformed from a flesh and blood human being into a life-giving spirit ( 1 Corinthians 14: 14, 45).

There are four clear reasons why that transformation is so important. The first one is the simple fact that, like Jesus, we are flesh and blood humans too. We are subject to ageing, death and disappearing all together, and if that’s all there is to this life of ours, what is the point of it? We live, we die, and nothing we lived for or accomplished in this life lives on in our lives after we die. It all seems like an empty, hopeless waste of time.

It would be jolly nice to know, then, that life continues on after we die, and religion tries very hard to tell us that it does, but where is the evidence? Where is the proof that flesh and blood can be transformed into a substance that doesn’t die, decay or disappear? Christianity’s proof is Jesus, because in Jesus that transformation has already happened.

The second reason why Jesus’ transformation is so important is his bold statement while he was here that human beings can live forever. He said it many times too, but hardly anyone believed him until he died and came back to life himself. And that’s when Christianity took off, when what Jesus promised us actually happened to him. Everything he said about us living forever as well, therefore, was true.

The third reason why Jesus’ transformation into a life-giving spirit is the best news we could hear, is that he is now alive to make our eternal life happen. It was all well and good having him promise us eternal life, but how could he make it happen as a physical human being? He couldn’t. But he can as a life-giving spirit. He has the power within him now in his transformed state to produce the same life in us that he has.

And the fourth reason why Jesus’ transformation is so important is that a Being now exists with the power to change our world. Life as we’ve known it on this planet will not stay this way. All the misery and suffering we hear about and experience is only temporary. So, yes, it’s great news hearing that life continues after we die, but even better news that life as we know it doesn’t continue after we die.

And that’s the unique message Christianity offers, that Jesus has been transformed, and in his transformed state he has all the power he needs to transform our lives into the same life-giving spirit existence that he now experiences.


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