The only “alternative lifestyle” Christians are interested in

On July 17, 2013, England and Wales made same-sex marriage law. Soon after that the Oxford Dictionary, the world’s most renowned dictionary of the English language, changed its definition of marriage to include gay people. So by law and by dictionary marriage now officially includes two partners of the same sex, who can both be husbands or wives, or whatever titles they choose.

The logic behind such a move is that homosexuality has been a natural sexual activity all through human history, and it’s quite normal in the animal kingdom too. It poses no threat to the survival of the human race, and for many people love has only been experienced with members of their own sex. The push is on, therefore, to make homosexuality an acceptable and welcome part of the culture, in the hope that everyone eventually will see that “alternative lifestyles” are normal and healthy, and in a spirit of inclusiveness allow them to be taught in schools, approved of in churches, and paraded in the streets without anyone making a fuss.

How do Christians adjust to this, though? Well, one group of Christians in my city sent out the following invitation: “We welcome you and your congregations to a Pride Week Celebration Service (at a local church). Come as we celebrate the LGBTQ community and worship the God who created us all in God’s image.”

Well, that’s one way Christians are adjusting, by welcoming the LGBTQ community as fellow humans, all loved by God, and all created in his image, no matter what alternative lifestyle they’re living. And since Christ “died for all,” 2 Corinthians 5:15, it’s true that we’re all one community, united by the love of God, which he demonstrated by sending his Son to die for every single one of us.

But there’s a second part to verse 15, that explains WHY Christ died for all. Yes, he died for everybody uniting us all in one family, but “his purpose in dying for us is that (our) lives should no longer be lived for ourselves but for him who died and was raised to life for us.”

As Christians our focus is not on celebrating people’s alternative lifestyles, it’s on Christ dying to rescue us from the lives we were living for ourselves, because the type of lives we were living were not in God’s image. And now in his resurrected state Jesus is making us “a new creation” (verse 17).

The only alternative lifestyle Christians are interested in, therefore, is the new humanity Christ is now creating, that really IS in God’s true image, or as 2 Corinthians 3:18 phrases it, is “being transformed into Christ’s likeness with ever-increasing glory.”


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