Why would evolution come up with homosexuality?

An eight year old boy was munching thoughtfully on his sandwich during lunch hour at school following his morning classes, in which the virtues of same-sex marriage and alternative lifestyles had been explored, and how they tied in with how we humans evolve.

Evolution, the boy learnt, explains how animals, plants and insects adapt to changing circumstances to survive, thrive and propagate their species. Humans too, in the same way, have been adapting to changing cultures, witness the growing interest in exploring one’s sexual identity and orientation, leading to new ways of defining family, like same-sex marriage, and having two parents of the same sex.

The boy had been wondering about this, because Mabel, three rows back, had two mothers, and this phenomenon so interested him that he asked the teacher in class how Mabel’s two mothers could have produced Mabel. He remembered last year’s Sex Ed class and how babies are made, involving both a Mom and a Dad, so how, then, could Mabel’s mothers produce a baby without a Dad?

Well, the teacher replied, some people don’t want babies involving a Mom and a Dad, so they find other ways of having children, which works for them.

The boy, being naturally inquisitive, wanted to know why people don’t want babies involving a Mom and a Dad, and what other ways there are of having children. The teacher explained that some people, just like some animals, are homosexual, meaning they’re attracted to members of their own sex. It doesn’t mean they can’t have babies, though, because in the case of animals they can be uncles and aunts to other animals’ babies, or in the case of humans they can adopt other people’s babies, and bring those babies up as their own children.

But this got the boy wondering, because if it’s the natural order of things, as the teacher had explained earlier, that animals, plants and insects do everything they can to survive, thrive and propagate their species, and that’s how we humans came to be as well, why would Evolution come up with homosexuality? Surely, homosexuality is working against the natural order of things. Homosexuals can’t make children, so isn’t that working against humans surviving, thriving and propagating as a species? It didn’t tie in with Evolution at all.

And Mabel wouldn’t have come into being either if it hadn’t been for a Mom and a Dad. So why would people who want children marry members of their own sex, when two people of the same sex can’t produce children? Why would Evolution do that? It was all a bit of a puzzle.


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