What Evolution does not, and cannot, answer

Evolution cannot answer how our universe came into existence from nothing. But the Bible can. In Romans 4:17, “God calls things that are not as though they were.”

Paul wrote this in the context of Isaac being born when his parents, Abraham and Sarah, were incapable of having children. There wasn’t a leftover egg in Sarah’s womb that could be fertilized, and even if there was, Abraham couldn’t fertilize it. “His (Abraham’s) body was as good as dead,” and “Sarah’s womb was also dead,” verse 19. Neither Abraham or Sarah had the capability in their bodies anymore to produce a child. Their reproductive equipment was no longer functioning. God stepped in, however, and produced a living child from dead matter.

Scientists would love to produce life from dead matter, too. They’d love to de-extinct a woolly mammoth, for instance, but they can’t without a living cell from a woolly mammoth. They can collect a million tons of DNA from dead woolly mammoths, and sequence the genome of a woolly mammoth and copy it perfectly in a laboratory, but they cannot bring a woolly mammoth to life again without a living cell. And even if they did create a perfect copy of a woolly mammoth genome, it could only reproduce itself inside an already existing living cell. It would have to be placed inside a mammoth’s closest relative on earth right now, like an African elephant, but the creature born would be a mix of mammoth and elephant, so it’s still not producing a perfect mammoth.

A full-sized, perfect living replica of a woolly mammoth cannot be produced from “things that are not.” And that applies to anything that’s become extinct. No creature that became extinct years ago, or only seconds ago, can be restored to life in its original form without a living cell from that creature being placed inside the cell of a living creature of the same kind. We cannot de-extinct or bring to life what’s dead. We cannot, as Paul wrote, “call things that are not as though they were.” We cannot “call” woolly mammoths that “are not” in living form anywhere on earth right now, and bring them back in their original form, like “they were,” or used to be, when they roamed the frozen north in their millions.

And Isaac wouldn’t have existed as a full-sized, perfect living replica of a human either, if it hadn’t been for God miraculously bringing Abraham’s and Sarah’s dead reproductive equipment to life again, where cells that “were not” now became “as though they were,” just like they used to be.

Evolution has no explanation for how Isaac came into existence, but God does.


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