How much is God really involved in our lives?

Evolutionists and atheists would have us believe that God is just a figment of human imagination created by religion to make people behave through fear and superstition. There’s no such thing, then, as God being involved in our lives.

But a lot of religions don’t think God is involved in our lives either. God, or the gods, simply set the world in motion, and we humans either tune in to what the gods require and get a nice reward if we do, or we disobey and fall short of what the gods require and get a much smaller reward, or no reward at all, or even a trip to hell. It’s all rather mechanical and cold: Obey the rules and we’ll be fine. Disobey and we’re in trouble. God, therefore, is only involved in our lives in giving us what we deserve, for either good or bad, when our lives end. And his only involvement now is to tally up our daily goods and bads, and see which of the two tips the balance at the time of our death.

There are others, however, who believe God is super involved in our lives. He’s taking note of our every action and thought every second of every day, and reacting accordingly. And if we’re being good and making right choices, he makes things work out well for us, but if we’re weak and straying off track and not behaving ourselves as we should, he makes bad things happen to us. He’s like a suspicious boss watching our every move to see if our work is up to snuff, and he’s only in a good mood if we’re perfect.

But what if God does exist and he loves us and he made a free ranging relationship with him possible, that allows us to learn and make choices at our own pace, that makes room for all sorts of doubts and questions, that accepts we don’t always feel good or energetic, that totally takes into account our weakness, our moodiness, our frustration, and days or even weeks when we don’t think he’s involved in our lives at all? What if?

And what if he’s true to his word that he’s in everything with us? We make the choices, yes, but he’s in our choices with us, and he’ll willingly and lovingly help us discover and grow as much as we want him to?

Because that is what he promised, that he’d be with us and in us in Spirit, his own self, all the time. In other words, he loves being involved in our lives, and always for our good, both now and forever. What if?


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