“But Christmas is so pagan…”

Some Christians believe we should get rid of everything in the church that originated with pagans, like Christmas. They are mystified too, as to why Christians ever chose a pagan celebration in the first place for the birth date of Christ, because now we’re stuck with a mess that’s rapidly reverting back to being pagan, with Christ being replaced by an idol, Santa Claus, the gospel being replaced with Disney fantasy, and hope for all creation in Jesus Christ being replaced by hope in better sales figures from Black Friday and Christmas shopping.

Our own recent history, therefore, has demonstrated rather embarrassingly that you can take Christmas out of paganism but you can’t take paganism out of Christmas. The pagan roots of the tree haven’t changed, so it’s not surprising the pagan tree is growing back again. So, wouldn’t it be safer and wiser for Christians to dump Christmas all together from the Christian calendar and create an entirely new celebration with Christ at its centre and no secular bits attached to it at all?

But that would mean the pagans won, wouldn’t it? If Christians bow out of Christmas and the pagans take it back again to fill it with all the usual pagan self-indulgence and counterfeits for spirituality, Christians would lose the one great seasonal reminder of Christ and the gospel that even the pagan world can’t resist.

Christmas is a massive Christian triumph over paganism, because it simply won’t die. Every year like clockwork the carols are played in stores and malls that talk of Christ being born as King of the heavens and earth, and he now rules, bringing in his new creation and new humanity through his church. Christmas is openly proclaiming that creation no longer belongs to pagans or demons, it belongs to Jesus Christ, and he came to reclaim this planet for God, a wonderful proof of that being Christmas Day, which reclaimed a date used for worshipping the sun god to celebrating God and his plan instead – and the pagans haven’t been able to stop it. It doesn’t matter how much they reject the idea of the world needing a Saviour, or a new world beginning that shows how ridiculous the pagan world is by comparison, Christmas is still the highlight of the calendar and the Christian beat goes on.

So why would Christians give up territory they’ve held successfully for sixteen hundred years, especially when it so clearly demonstrates that Jesus reigns supreme by the simple fact of history that paganism has never managed to stop Christmas or take Christ out of it? It’s just another wonderful proof that our God reigns.


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