Hello reality; goodbye religion

One thing God got right is death. He said we’d die, and there hasn’t been a human yet who hasn’t died. There is the hope, of course, that scientists will discover how to reverse the ageing gene, but how long will humanity survive when multiple billions of ageless humans have drained the earth’s resources?

Death comes to us one way or another, either in the natural ageing process, often advanced by disease and poverty, or at the hands of other humans. Hello reality, therefore; we’re all going to die.

But hello religion, because religion jumps in with a soothing solution: Death happens, yes, but not to worry, there’s another life after death, based on some vision of the afterlife a man somewhere had. And because so many people in his region of the world believed in his vision, it must be true, right?

But the same argument can be used in support of Jesus, because he also claimed he had special insight into life after death. He even claimed he’d come from God and been sent by God to solve the problem of human death in himself, and humans would no longer have to worry about death if they believed and followed him. And many people in his region of the world did follow him too.

But Jesus’ credibility took a nosedive when he died. So now what proof was there of life after death when Jesus, just like all the other charismatic visionaries in human history, died, and with their deaths the proof of whether they were right or not about their version of the afterlife died with them?

But hello reality; Jesus came back to life again. And the most shocked people of all were his followers, who thought Jesus had been talking through his hat when he predicted he would rise from the dead. But now he’d gone and done it, forcing that rag tag bunch of shattered, despondent men and women to face that reality.

And face it they did. It’s what started them on the road to believing in this man. It wasn’t for any religious reason or superstition based on vague, unprovable visions; it was based on evidence, the pure, raw evidence that a human being had defeated death, and he was standing there and talking to them as proof of it.

So hello reality, goodbye religion, because who needs religion when the proof of life after death has already happened, and a human has defeated death? But religion breezes over that as if it never happened, resulting in all sorts of weird ideas about the afterlife that have no proof whatsoever to back them up.


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