Expect nothing from no one, and see what that does instead

Do you find as you change for the better that other people’s behaviour bothers you more? In my own life, for example, I was extremely impatient with anybody who didn’t drive like me, which meant getting to one’s destination at the fastest speed possible and yelling at any idiots who got in my way.

But that changed. Amazingly, I’ve become a more sensitive driver, aware of the needs of other drivers, and I don’t mind taking my time so I don’t have to rush and make mistakes that put others in danger. Which all sounds very noble and righteous, but it created another problem: I can’t stand it now when other drivers aren’t as sensitive as me. Why can’t they just move up a bit, like I do, so I can squeeze through? Why don’t they watch the lights, like I do, so when they turn green we can all get moving and not get stuck with another red light? Why do they drive out in front of me and not get up to speed quickly, forcing me to jam on my brakes? And on and on the list goes, of people who drive me nuts because they simply don’t notice or couldn’t care less about other drivers and their needs.

It was a bit of shock, therefore, when it hit me that I haven’t actually changed that much, because in reality I’ve still got the same problem. My driving habits have changed, yes, but my attitude towards other people is still very much the same. I’m still expecting them to be like me.

It came as a huge relief, then, to realize that every expectation I have of my fellow humans has already been met by Jesus. I expect humans to be more sensitive in their driving habits, for example, and when they aren’t I blow fuses. But Jesus has already lived the sensitivity that every human needs, plus he’s covered every insensitivity with his death, and he’s also ready and willing to help anyone who turns to him for the help to live as sensitively as he did.

How, then, can I expect anything of people when Jesus has already lived the life of a perfect human for them? The only problem people have, therefore, is not knowing what Jesus has done for them and not turning to him for help. But I have it within my power to change that by showing them what happens in a human who does turn to him.

Or to put it in terms I like: Expect nothing from no one, and see what that does instead, not only to other people, but also to me.


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