Is suicide an unforgivable sin?

The bridge was closed off at both ends because of a jumper standing on the north side parapet. “So, why don’t you jump?” a voice in the jumper’s head whispered. “Because suicide’s an unforgivable sin,” the jumper replied.

“So Christ died to forgive every sin but suicide, did he?” the voice responded. “Yes,” the jumper shouted, “because killing yourself is premeditated murder.”

“Oh, so murder’s an unforgivable sin, is it?” the voice asked. “Yes,” the jumper replied, “no murderer has eternal life in him, 1 John 3:15.”

“But adulterers, homosexuals, thieves, drunks and cheats don’t have eternal life in them either, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, so why should murder be any different?” “Because if you kill yourself, you can’t confess your sin after you’re dead, can you?” the jumper replied.

“Oh, so it’s not confessing that’s an unpardonable sin now, is it?” the voice asked. “Yes,” the jumper fired back, “you have to confess before you can be saved, Romans 10:10.”

“But in verses 8, 9 and 11 it isn’t confessing one’s sins that saves a person, it’s confessing their faith in Christ, right?” the voice asked. “Well, yes,” the jumper admitted, “but I still say suicide is different because if I deliberately destroy my body, God will destroy me, 1 Corinthians 3:17.”

“But that verse isn’t talking about taking your life by suicide, it’s about wrecking your life by living by the world’s standards, not God’s.” “Well, killing myself isn’t exactly living by God’s standards either, is it?” the jumper sniffed. “I’m deliberately destroying what belongs to him. My body isn’t my own; it’s God’s. He decides what happens to my body, not me, 1 Corinthians 6:19.”

“So, why are you taking medication?” the voice asked, “Isn’t that interfering with God’s plan for your life by using human means to keep yourself alive?” “But without medication, my life would be hell,” the jumper protested.

“Yes, and that’s what you’re really afraid of, isn’t it?” the voice replied. “It’s not all this stuff about going to an eternal hell, it’s having to live another day in this hell right here, isn’t it?” “Yes,” the jumper sighed, “it’s my life now that’s killing me. I hate it. I’m useless to my family and I feel so guilty. For their sake and mine, I’m better off dead.”

“Well, you may think that,” the voice replied, “but Christ came for people just like you.” “So I’ve been told,” the jumper sighed again, “but the pain gets so bad at times it’s all I can think of. I can’t even think about Christ.”

“And is that an unforgivable sin?” the voice asked. “No,” the jumper cried, “nothing separates us from Christ’s love.”

“Need I say more?” the voice replied.


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