There is a way to solve world problems? Really?

I daydream about a world leader at the United Nations leaning forward to the microphone and saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, I deeply appreciate being with men and woman like yourselves who want to change our world for the better, because I’ve just come to the realization how we can make it better. I know things look grim right now, and we’ve met here dozens of times before and the world hasn’t changed much for all our efforts, but what if the problem at the heart of it all is so simple and obvious?”

A pause to watch the reaction. Some delegates look up with mild surprise and even possible interest. Others sink down in their seats thinking, “Oh no, this is going to be painful.”

Time to plough on. “I’m aware of our history just as you are, that most humans would love peace and prosperity, but crazy people keep messing things up. They think war works. They justify killing innocent people. And while these awful people exist the world will never improve. But one thing they have done for us: We’ve learnt from them where our problem lies. It’s in our heads, because it’s obvious that something has gone horribly wrong in these crazy people’s brains for them to do what they do.”

“But don’t they, in fact, speak for all of us, because in one form or another we’re all just as crazy? We all do stupid things that hurt people. We all have good intentions, but selfish pursuits and motives constantly mess things up. But even the great apostle Paul cried out, ‘Oh, what a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?’ And isn’t that the sad cry of all of us, that at heart we’re all a bit crazy?”

“But Paul also said he’d found the solution, a way round the monster. He even called it a new way, because he’d never experienced it himself before, either. And what this new way involved was simply the injection of Jesus Christ’s mind into his head by God himself.”

“And is that so weird, really, when surely it’s obvious by now we can’t solve our problems on the strength of our own minds alone? So, what if Paul was right, and God really will provide us with a counteracting force in our brains that enables us to do what we know needs to be done? But what’s the alternative? No system of laws we’ve come up with so far has worked, nor has chucking more money at problems. Isn’t it so much simpler just admitting we need help?”


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