Christianity is not about self?

I woke up at the tail end of a frightening dream. I was in a church service singing a hymn, the congregation was swaying to the music and I was swaying in all the wrong directions, so I was glad when the hymn ended and we could all sit down. But just before sitting down the chap in front of me turned round and said, “I’m really looking forward to your sermon today.” Horrors: I’ve got the sermon? Right now?

So up I went and announced the first thing that came to mind, which was: “Christianity is not about self.” And that’s when I woke up. But in that twilight period of coming to, I pursued the thought further. Christianity isn’t about the self. How can it be when my ‘self’ has already “been raised with Christ,” Colossians 3:1, and my entire “LIFE is now hidden with Christ in God,” verse 3?

So my real self is up there with Christ and God, just like Jesus was still up there with his Father being God the Son while down here on earth being Jesus the human. He was in two places at the same time, so to speak, but his real self was up there with the Father. The other part of him, the human Jesus part, was simply the body his Father had sent him in to be his agent here on earth.

And because Jesus was the Father’s agent on earth, his purpose was to live and express the Father’s words and actions. He was here in a human body purely to show the Father to people. “See me, you see the Father,” he told Philip in John 14:9, so Jesus’ purpose for being here as a human was to be a perfect reflection of his Father, and that’s what he lived for.

Well, the reason I’m still here in a human body is to be JESUS’ agent on earth. My real self is up there with Jesus, safe and secure already, but I remain down here as well to be a perfect reflection of him, which, even in a human body I’m able to do because “Christ is my life,” Colossians 3:4. And because he is my life he can now show people through me what he’s like and what he lived for, which was to enter our world of suffering and share our pain to help us see God’s love for us. And we are now living, breathing reflections of that, just as he was a living, breathing reflection of his Father.

My dream was right, then, Christianity is not about self. It’s about being Jesus’ agents on earth to show him to people.


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