Is Jesus already bringing peace?

Our world is a mess, so how could anyone even suggest that Jesus has been bringing peace to our world? Isn’t that something he only does in the future when he comes again as the Prince of Peace and sets up his Kingdom “that will never be destroyed” (Daniel 7:14)?

Can we only dream of peace, then, and not expect any changes for the better in this world? The media would certainly like us to think that, because it delights in highlighting all the bad things happening. It’s all we get to hear about, the same old stupidity and madness over and over again.

But the media isn’t doing itself a service, or anyone else either, by ignoring what Jesus said the first time he was here. He said, “The time has come. The Kingdom of God has arrived” (Mark 1:15). So we don’t have to wait for Jesus to come again to bring peace; he already started the peace ball rolling two thousand years ago. It’s about time then, Jesus continued in verse 15, that we got off the negative bandwagon and got our minds wrapped round the “good news” instead, that world peace is on its way already, and it has been ever since Jesus was here.

So why doesn’t the media look for evidence to prove that instead? They don’t have far to look either. Paul made their research easy by recording what happened to Jews and Gentiles because of Christ’s death. Suddenly, the wall of hostility, that had kept Jews and Gentiles in conflict for centuries, came tumbling down, and in the Christian Church the impossible happened: Lifelong enemies got along famously. It proved Paul’s point in Ephesians 2:15 that Jesus’ purpose was “to create in himself one new man out of the two, thus making peace.” That’s why Jesus came, to “preach peace” to Jew and Gentile (verse 17), because peace was now possible.

That’s why people join the Christian Church, because they not only believe the good news that peace is now possible, they can also take part in it, just as Jews and Gentiles did in Jesus’ day. For two thousand years the evidence has been steadily building, therefore, that this “new man” experiencing peace, whom Paul talked about, really exists. It hasn’t created perfect peace in the Christian Church, but if those in media did their homework and went to where Christians truly believe what Jesus made possible, they would have all sorts of stories to tell of peace at full bore in this world.

It’s a case of knowing where to look, but it’s worth looking because it would prove the good news that Jesus is already bringing peace.


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