What if the cross never happened?

If the cross never happened we’d know nothing of the power of God or the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:24). We’d be stuck instead with Buddhism, Islam, Judaism and all the other religious ‘isms’, with their imaginary concepts of what God, or the gods, are like, and their human ideas of wisdom, which offer no permanent solutions to evil or death, nor do they explain why this universe and humans exist, and nor do they provide any concrete proof that death is not the end of us.

But the cross brings God out of hiding, and what we see is his power – the power, that is, to solve evil and death, the power to make his purpose for the universe and humanity work, and the power to die in a human body that doesn’t decay in death, as concrete proof that death is not the end of us.

The cross brings the wisdom of God out of hiding too, because we can see in the cross how he solves evil and death, how he makes his purpose for humanity work, and how he provides proof that death is not the end of us. He does it all through a human being just like us.

And thats where we see God’s genius, because he makes it obvious first just how handicapped we are. No human throughout our checkered history came up with a solution to evil and death. From the time of Adam and Eve we have never fully grasped God’s reason for creating us either, so we constantly drift away from his purpose, and archaeology has shown us in all the graves unearthed that we cannot stop ourselves decaying into dust after we die.

The cross, however, wasn’t hampered by any of these handicaps, because the person who died on it was able to resist evil, he was able to fulfill God’s plan, and he was able to die without his body decaying like our bodies do (Acts 2:31).

So there’s our evidence that all those things ARE possible in a human being. If, on the other hand, the cross hadn’t happened we would never have known it was possible for a human to overcome our worst human handicaps. And even suffering a horribly undeserved death didn’t hamper him, either.

So now we see the power and wisdom of God, in providing us with proof, in a human dying horribly on a cross who never failed like we do, that humanity can rise above its handicaps. And what a relief that is, knowing that we’re not stuck forever depending on the imaginary gods of religion and human wisdom for solving our worst fears and failings.


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