The day everything changed

When Jesus was resurrected everything changed. In one moment of time the great questions of life were answered, like: What happens after we die? What are we here for? What does the future hold? Will things on this earth ever improve? Why so much evil and suffering, and does God even exist? And more personally: What is my life all about? What is my future? Is God really up there and involved in my life, and why should I bother being a good person when it doesn’t make much difference and we all die in the end anyway?

But if Jesus really did rise from the dead, and he was just as human as we are, all those questions are answered, aren’t they? Death is not the end. Evil and suffering don’t get the last word. There’s a future beyond this life, and God must exist because none of us can raise ourselves from the dead, can we? And since God exists then it’s worth being a good person, because Jesus was a good person and God raised him from the dead.

On the other hand, if Jesus hadn’t been resurrected, we’d have no idea why we’re here as humans, what life is for, and what really happens after we die. All we’d have to base our hopes on instead would be the ramblings of Greek philosophy, evolution, a host of weird and differing religions, the visions of people who imagined themselves in heaven, and endless theories about the afterlife that have us coming back as butterflies, or wandering round as floaty things in a distant bliss, or having our feet roasted in hell.

Christianity, on the other hand, bases its origin, its credibility and its total reason for existence on a moment in time when a human being called Jesus came back to life after being killed and buried for three days. Take that away and Christianity is meaningless. It would look like any other religion that has nothing more to offer us humans than vague ideas about an afterlife, a way of life that mildly improves human behaviour, a lot of idealistic teachings that most people can’t live up to anyway – unless threatened with hell or coming back in another life as a dung beetle – and a nice feeling of spiritual superiority, that unfortunately bursts out in frequent vicious violence against infidels and pagans.

To a Christian, however, Jesus’ resurrection changed all that and gave us humans something real to hope and live for. It also removed all fear of death, all fear of evil and suffering, and all fear of the future. It really was the day everything changed.


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