What difference does Christ make in our lives?

According to Romans 6:11 there are two things Christ does for us that make a difference: We’re “dead to sin” and, secondly, we’re “alive to God.”

But why does being “dead to sin” make a difference? Because, verses 6 and 14, it means we’re no longer being pulled around by the nose by our sinful nature. And it was Christ who did that off for us by uniting us with his death (verse 5). We were all up there on the cross with him (verse 6), so that every sin we human beings ever committed (and would ever commit) was dealt with there and then. In verse 7, “anyone who has died (with Christ) has been freed from sin.”

The second thing that Christ does for us is make us “alive to God.” And that opens up a whole new life that “leads to holiness” and “eternal life” (verse 22). It’s the same kind of life that God experiences. And Christ pulled that one off for us too, this time by uniting us with his life (verse 5). When he rose from the dead, all humanity rose with him to “live with him,” verse 8, and since “the life he lives, he lives to God,” verse 10, then we can live that same kind of life too.

And it must be a good life, because Jesus not only loves living it himself, he also loves living it in us, because when he rose from the dead we all rose with him, Romans 6:4-5, so that the human life he now lives becomes our human life as well. He now weaves his humanity into our humanity, which he can do because he’s our Creator. Not only did he create us, he also has the power to RE-create us, this time in the likeness of himself and the life HE lives as a human.

So what difference does Christ make? Well, “in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form,” Colossians 2:9. Jesus lives as a human being right now, with God’s nature, God’s love, and God’s wisdom at full strength in him. But why that matters to us is in verse 10, because “you have been given fullness in Christ.” So what Christ is in his resurrected human state right now is what he’s raised us to become as well. This is what he raised us with him for, so that he can weave all that he is in HIS bodily form into OUR bodily form, his eventual aim being the “redemption of our bodies” (Romans 8:23).

Christ freed us from our old sin-filled bodies, to fill us with his own God-filled body – and we can experience the difference that makes right now.


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