It’s the year 1984 in the New Creation

It is now 1,984 years since Jesus died – assuming he died in AD 33. And since the New Creation began the moment Jesus was resurrected from the dead, then AD 2017 becomes “New Creation” year 1984, or NC 1984 in its abbreviated version. So along with living by a calendar with 2017 dates on it, we’re also living by a New Creation calendar with 1984 dates on it.

The starting date of the New Creation year is different, though, because it begins some time in April, rather than January, to coincide with the date of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. We have Jesus’ own words to make that point clear too, because it was right after his resurrection from the dead in Matthew 28:18 that he told his disciples, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” That was the moment, then, that the New Creation began.

And that’s not such a strange thought when we’ve already divided our history into two distinct eras, BC and AD, both of which recognize the watershed moment of Christ’s arrival on this planet. Any date in any year before Christ’s arrival was labelled “BC” or “Before Christ,” and all dates after his arrival were labelled “AD” or “Anno Domini,” meaning “year of the Lord.” All years since Jesus’ birth, therefore, have been labelled as “years of the Lord” – as if they all belong to him.

It’s a slight miscalculation starting the “years of the Lord” from the day of his birth, however, because they really began from the day of his resurrection. It was from that day that the New Creation under his Lordship began.

So our lives are not determined by dates on an antiquated, man-made calendar that started on the wrong date, and begins each year in the wrong month. Instead, we are living in another year of the Lord and his rulership over this planet. We are living in his New Creation right now, which billions of people acknowledge every time they pray the Lord’s Prayer and the bit in Matthew 6:9 about “your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it in heaven.” We pray that because we believe Jesus is establishing heaven on earth at this very moment, that he’s been doing it ever since he ascended to heaven after his resurrection, and that he will continue to do so all through this present year, because that’s what he was given the authority to do. For the last 1,984 years, therefore, Jesus has been making his own Lord’s Prayer happen.

And that’s what gives us cause to celebrate every year since his resurrection, knowing that Jesus is in charge no matter how dark things become.


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