“I wish Jesus would hurry up”

Having grown up with the idea that God has a six thousand year plan between creation and Jesus’ second coming I was really looking forward to getting this life over and done with soon, now that the six thousand years was nearly up. So instead of having to tread water in this mess any longer, with no hope of things improving or Christianity being accepted worldwide, we could get to work clearing up this mess with Christ’s power and authority behind us, and get rid of mad dictators, stop greed and pollution, and make this world a great place for children.

And surely enough time has gone by already to justify ending things soon, because the evidence of history has conclusively proved that we are incapable of solving the problems that are killing us, no matter how well-intentioned we are. So why doesn’t Jesus hurry up and get this lot over and done with? Why hang around allowing more pollution, more poverty, more starvation, more child abuse, more disease, and more of the same old things that will never change in ten, fifty or a thousand years’ time?

Well, the good news is, Jesus hasn’t been hanging around. He’s been actively changing things ever since he was resurrected and given all power and authority over this planet by God, by going right to the heart of the problem, rather than just blowing people’s heads off.

The heart of our problem was made clear in Genesis, that we don’t trust how God does things. Adam and Eve, for instance, didn’t like the idea of taking care of a garden as God’s training program for them. They much preferred having all knowledge all at once. Why take years off their lives messing around with soil, when they had the chance to crank the program into high gear right away, all guns blazing? And surely, isn’t that what God wanted, a bit of initiative on their part, and a willingness to get to work at full bore?

But God works slowly, because he wants to know if we’ll trust him. And it’s the same with Jesus today. He works slowly too, because that way he too finds out who trusts him and is willing to go at his pace, and who wants to “do an Adam and Eve” and get things moving at their own pace instead.

Jesus himself had to go at God’s pace too, accepting and trusting that God knew best in him having to live out a human life first, and fortunately, Jesus is more than willing to live his patient trust in us, because patient trust is our best training for the future.


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