Does gender in humans really matter?

Obviously to God gender really matters because he made humans male and female. That was his design and for a clear purpose too, that rulership of this planet by humans was best done by what both male and female humans brought to the table with their gender differences and their sexual relationship.

We learn what God is like through male and female humans too, because both genders were made in God’s image. God is both male and female, in other words, which surely makes us want to know what we’re made of as males and females to get a clearer picture of God. It was also God’s intent through making humans male and female, with fixed and unchangeable sexual differences, that humans could reproduce more humans.

It’s also rather startling to realize that God made humans male and female to keep evil at bay too. We see that in Genesis 2 where God first of all creates and trains a man in the fundamentals of rulership, and then creates a woman to be his “helper.” Anyone looking into the Hebrew meaning of “helper” or “help meet” soon realizes that the woman is a powerful force to be reckoned with, and without her the man would never be able to fulfill his role. But together, when man and woman both understand and love what God put into them as males and females, they become almost scary in the power they exude.

The greatest tragedy that ever happened on this planet, therefore, was the first man and woman not cottoning on to what God had put into them as males and females, in both their maleness and their femaleness, and in their sexual relationship. If they’d understood and valued what God had set up through them as male and female they would have sent the serpent packing, and we would not have the mess we’ve got now. Because in God making a male and a female the way he did, and bonding them through their sexual relationship, he formed the perfect guardians of his plan.

It is God’s plan to fill the Earth with everything that he is, starting with a small plot in Eden where he took up residence and trained a man to care for it. But “care” not only meant care for it physically, it also meant guard it from anything evil getting in. That was the man’s job, but he couldn’t do it alone. He needed the help of a woman, but a woman of such power and strength that together they would be unbeatable. If only, then, they’d both grasped that. And the same goes for men and women today too.


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