God is not a “go it alone” God

God could, of course, have brought order to this planet all by himself after it fell into a formless and empty state. But instead he gave the job of bringing order to humans. God, in other words, did not “go it alone.”

To begin with he only worked with one human, but he did not expect that one human to go it alone either. He even stated outright it wasn’t good for the man to be alone. The creation itself was good, but it wasn’t good for the creation having just one human rule it. And to back up his point God provided a wonderful helper for the man, a perfect equal, so that man and woman could rule and populate the planet together.

It was all part of God making humans in his image. God wasn’t a “go it alone” God, so neither were the humans he made in his likeness “go it alone” beings either.

It seems strange, then, that God would create a tree with fruit that actually offered humans the chance to go it alone. The fruit contained all the knowledge of good and evil that humans would need to become their own gods. If they ate off that tree they’d no longer need God’s help, nor would they need to trust God anymore, or heed his instructions, or seek his wisdom and guidance along the way. They could go it alone and be free of God all together. And that’s what that tree offered. It was the “Go It Alone” tree.

And God deliberately made the fruit of that tree very attractive, an obvious hint that going it alone was very attractive too. Attractive yes, but not good, because God also warned it would spell disaster for the planet and everything on it if those humans ate the fruit. So would they take the hint and despite the huge attraction of the tree trust God’s warning to stay away from it?

And that’s been the test for us humans ever since. Would we rather risk going it alone and running this world without God’s guidance and help, or realize he created that tree to be avoided on purpose as a clear warning to us that going it alone is not the way to go? And God was right too, wasn’t he, when he said death would result from going it alone, because how much death and premature deaths have there been from war, famine, disease, pollution, wild weather and natural disasters since he gave that warning?

It is fortunate for us, then, that God still refuses to go it alone. We still have an eager helper in his Son.


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