Is there anything we can agree with God on?

God says he created the world, but we say, “No, he didn’t, the world just happened.” God says he made humans, but we say, “No he didn’t, humans evolved.” God says he made humans in his own image. “No he didn’t,” we yell, “humans are just advanced apes.” God says he has a wonderful plan for us, but we say, “Rubbish, life is all about survival of the fittest.” And God says he loves us, but that’s rubbish too we say, because “Even if he does exist why does he let us suffer?”

We really are a disagreeable lot, aren’t we? Anything God says, we challenge it. We moan about teenagers thinking they know everything, but God’s got billions of teenagers on his hands and more being born every day. And he allows it. He allows us to thumb our noses at him, snort in derision, become toffee-nosed professors who go on and on about the stupidity of believing in God, and he lets us carry on as if our own brains are the ultimate source of all knowledge and wisdom.

Is there anything, therefore, that we might possibly agree with God on? Well, God did say in Romans 8:24 (King James Version) that we are “saved by hope.” And who could disagree with that? Rich or poor, healthy or sick, we all live in hope. Hope is what keeps us functioning in a crazy world. Hope is what gets us up in the morning, hopeful that something good will happen that makes life worth living. Hope is what drives the young to make a future, despite the lack of fulfilling jobs and the expense of living. Hope is what keeps people wanting to live, despite their desperate circumstances in poverty, terminal illness and refugee camps. Without hope what have we got?

Well, we have a world that shows us what we’ve got. We’ve got people riddled with depression and anxiety, and a host of other mental problems. We’ve got young folk in the prime of life committing suicide. We have talented people in politics, business and entertainment addicted to petty lives of exploiting and lying, because in their minds there’s nothing else to live for other than what you can get out of people for your own ends today. But all these things are understandable in a world where hope of a better life for everyone seems ever more like a pipe dream.

But it isn’t a pipe dream, God says, he’s always had a great life in mind for humans. But have we ever stopped being disagreeable enough to find out what he meant and how to go about it?


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