Should a Christian “fight for king and country”?

Yes, of course, a Christian fights for king and country – but which king, which country, and what form does the fighting take?

In World War 2, for instance, which king and country should Christians have fought for? There were far more Christians in Germany than there were in Britain, so shouldn’t Germany and its leader have taken precedence? Most of the top German leaders were raised as Christians too, including Hitler, Himmler, Heydrich, Goebbels, Goering, Martin Bormann, Albert Speer, Adolf Eichmann and Rudolf Hess. None of the Nazi leaders were atheists, and Hitler nearly entered the priesthood.

Germany itself was 90 to 95% Christian in 1939, so it was a thoroughly Christian country with a Christian raised leadership. Wouldn’t Germany and its leaders, therefore, be the “king and country” all Christians should have fought for, especially when there were plenty of other countries that were a far more serious threat to Christianity, like Communist Russia?

Were the British more Christian than the Germans, though? Well, hardly, since most German Christians were Protestant just like the British, and the Protestant revolution began in Germany too.

The notion of fighting for king and country, therefore, becomes terribly muddled when opposing kings and leaders are Christian and so are their countries. How does any Christian justify fighting for king and country when the king and country he’s fighting against is also Christian?

Christians can avoid that muddle entirely, though, because we already have a king and country that doesn’t involve any kings and countries of this world. All Christians worldwide share the same king and country. We all have the same king, Jesus Christ, and we all share citizenship in the same country, the Kingdom of Heaven, which Jesus announced when he was here as a human, and he now administers with absolute power and authority ever since he ascended to his Father after his resurrection. We have a very clearly defined king and country as Christians, therefore.

And we fight to the death for that king and country too. How? By overcoming the world like Jesus did (John 16:33). And isn’t that enough to keep any Christian busy for a lifetime? What’s a threat from one measly country when we have the whole world and its boneheaded ideas about good and evil to resist and overcome, as well as the tempting and deceiving spiritual “powers and principalities” to resist as well? It’s a fight to the death that Jesus himself fought, and now he gives us the strength to fight it too. Somebody has to, because the entire planet is at risk from people believing it’s right to kill for their physical kings and countries.


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