Is being “true to ourselves” really the source of happiness?

The latest craze by a suicidal society is to get children believing their troubles are over when they are “true to themselves.”

It raises the obvious question as to how a child can even figure out what ‘self’ is at age four or eight, but to many medical and mental health experts ‘what a child feels’ is the expression of true self. If a biological boy, therefore, feels like a girl and expresses strong leanings to dressing and acting like a girl, then we must all bow to the child’s wishes to become a girl. And if the child then wants to pursue hormone therapy and even sex reassignment surgery to be true to being a girl, so be it.

There are huge risks, of course, especially when puberty hits and a child’s biological hormones kick in with a wallop. But the greater risk, society says, is not allowing children to express what they believe is their true self. To ignore that is putting a child in serious danger mentally and emotionally.

And many parents would agree with that, especially those with children who are deeply unsettled with their biological sex and only become happy when allowed to become the gender (or no gender) of their choice. And who wants a deeply unhappy child?

But when does a child ever really know what “being true to self” means? We already have children and adults switching genders several times a day, or discovering new gender mixes that seem to satisfy their needs better, so at what point does a person actually know who or what their true self is?

I’m so glad, therefore, that the Bible does not encourage me to be true to myself at all, because I could a spend a whole lifetime trying to figure that out, and what would be gained by it? Instead the Bible spares me having to search for my true self by telling me right off the bat in Genesis what my true self is. I am a failed image of God.

My true self was supposed to be a likeness of God, equipped to think and act like God, so that this planet and all life on it would flourish under human care. But we ditched that idea in favour of doing what we wanted, and that now became our ‘true self’ instead.

So it’s not surprising seeing children being taught today that “being true to oneself” means doing whatever they want, and that’s what will make them happy. It’s the same old drivel told by the serpent, and amazingly it still works. Fortunately, the Bible tells me how my really true self is being restored.


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