Gender roles: Bible construct, or social construct?

It’s the in thing nowadays to say that gender roles are simply a “social construct,” meaning “an idea created and accepted by people.” In other words, gender roles are nothing more than an idea we came up with that ebbs and flows with the tide of culture. Gender roles can change, therefore, according to the prevailing influences of the loudest people.

And the loudest people in our culture at present are demanding the demolition of traditional gender roles in favour of no gender roles at all, because gender itself, they say, is also a social construct, an idea created by people. So, if there’s no such thing as male and female, then it naturally follows there’s no such thing as male and female roles either.

This open revolt against gender and gender roles isn’t surprising, though, when you view the historical mess we’ve made of being male and female. For centuries males have made it obvious to females that women only exist to serve men, because women are inferior to men. Under the influence of that “social construct,” fed and fuelled by oafish men, women have been oppressed by men, kept “barefoot and pregnant,” paid lesser wages for the same work, and made to think their only value is in looking cute and sexy. And amazingly, this has been socially acceptable.

It’s not surprising, then, that women are protesting vehemently that they’ve had enough of this nonsense and they want to be treated as equals. And no wonder too, that more women want to transgender to men, because men so obviously get the better deal.

The human solution to this mess is to enforce equality by law and punishment, or, better still, obliterate gender and gender roles all together. But that, of course, doesn’t go down well with those who like gender roles, and especially those who believe gender roles were created by God. To them, gender and gender roles are a Bible construct, not a social construct.

But the Bible also makes it clear that one of the devastating punishments God inflicted on rebellious humanity was the messing up of our gender roles. Genesis 3:16 says men would rule over women, and women would let them, which is exactly what has happened throughout our human history.

So our present confusion over gender roles isn’t the result of ideas created by people, it’s the result of rebellion against God. And while that rebellion continues, so does the confusion. At what point, then, do we go back to Genesis chapters 1 and 2 to see what God created males and females for in the first place, and to see how we can recapture that instead?


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