Made in God’s image as man and woman – but what for?

When God said he made humans in his image, what was he getting at? Well, in context he was talking about rulership of the planet, Genesis 1:26.

Rulership is central to what God created humans for. It’s what he made us in his image for, to equip us to rule in the same way that he rules. Because that’s what he created the planet for, to enable humans to learn how to rule like him.

So God didn’t just slap together a beautiful, functioning planet to hum along on its own. It could easily have hummed along on its own, because the plants, trees, birds and animals all had to ability to endlessly reproduce. The animals would live off the land, plants would reseed themselves to keep on producing food for the animals, water bubbled up from the ground to feed the plants, and the sun took care of the rest. It all worked perfectly on its own, without humans – up to Genesis 1:25.

Verse 26 then makes it clear that God wasn’t interested in the planet just spinning away in space for no purpose. He created humans to rule it. But why create a creature for the sole purpose of rulership?

Because that’s what God is all about. He’s about rulership, which is easy for us humans to understand, because we like kings and queens and kingdoms too. We like setting up systems that use human talent and the planet’s resources to nurture and develop the creation so it flourishes. It’s exciting stuff. And clearly it’s exciting for God too, because he created this planet with exactly that in mind. He deliberately designed this planet so that it would flourish under human rule.

But not any old human rule, though. It would have to be rulership the way God does rulership, ruling the way he rules, in the same image and likeness of his rulership. And only then would his creation flourish.

So here we are now, thousands of years later, and have we discovered yet what ruling in his image means? Do we know yet what kind of rulership works to the benefit of all creation?

We should know, because Genesis 2 tells us. Rulership is simply about caring. It starts with caring for every part of the physical creation, pictured by the man being made from the ground and working the garden that God created – and because the man needs the help of a woman, it’s their caring for each other that completes the picture. And there you have the essence of good rulership – man and woman together caring for the planet and each other.

And God made us in his image so we could.


2 Responses

  1. It’s a nice image, but it hasn’t happened yet. Humans have made a mess of the planet. And it will get worse. In the end God will have no choice but to burn it up and start afresh, just like it states in Revelation. But what will the gutted, bulldozed, burned up and rebuilt planet look like, that the elect can rule? No more seas? The new Jerusalem, a city of gold and jewels? I’ve never been fond of mega cities, always preferring the pastoral scene. I can’t imagine an earth without softly running brooks and rainbow misted waterfalls; of cattle grazing and the mewling of newborn kittens; or the music of songbirds. There is so much beauty in that scene. It’s sad that humankind has messed it up.

    • Since we made this earth a horrible mess, do you think God will also give us the chance to clean it up? We haven’t even got started yet on what he gave us to do in Genesis 1 and 2 either, so will we have the chance to start again and make this earth what God intended it to be in the first place? (I have a series on “In the Beginning” that gets into that, coming up once a month, starting in March)

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