The Gender Revolution – self-inflicted genocide?

While researching gender identity – and why it’s so important to people to act according to the gender they feel they are – I came across the startling statement, “We are self-loving ourselves into extinction.”

I thought, “That’s a bit extreme, isn’t it?” but after scanning the Internet from every point of view I could find on this latest craze for self-identity, I came up with an even stronger conclusion: that we’re into self-inflicted genocide.

Because if it really catches on that there’s no such thing as fixed genders or separate sexes and we’re all really on a huge spectrum of gender identity that has no purpose other than being true to who we believe ourselves to be, how will that bring male and female together in the future to want to produce a family and children?

If we’re simply on a narcissistic craving for self-expression and affirmation, and that’s our primary goal and purpose in life as humans, then we’re not likely to even want families and children, are we? I mean, who wants a family and children when there’s all that love and sacrifice involved, and having to ditch one’s own ambitions and dreams and even hobbies to provide the finances, time and selfless attention that a husband, wife and children so desperately need to flourish and feel fulfilled? What an annoying interference all that stuff is with my own happiness, and an affront to my right to be who I am and do what I want.

But if by law and punishment we’re all intimidated into going along with this sweeping wave of entitled self-love, will people even dare to have a normal family and call themselves “husbands, wives, Dads and Moms,” or dare to be seen encouraging a daughter to be a lovely woman, or dare enjoy seeing a son growing up to be a strong, masculine man? Will they be so afraid of being vilified, bullied and scoffed at, or being driven into seclusion or jail and having their children taken from them, that they decide it’s not worth the risk trying to have a “normal family”?

In which case, how will children be produced, and by whom? And if children somehow are produced, will they in turn dare risk wanting to be male and female and having their own families of male and female children? Not likely when the self-identity police will jump on any infractions to their agenda of a sexless, genderless society. If this really catches on, then, and enforcing self-love by law becomes the norm, I fear that person may be right that “we’re self-loving ourselves into extinction,” and we’re bent on self-inflicted genocide.