Why did Jesus want us praying in his name?

Actually, it’s the Father who wants us praying in Jesus’ name, because, John 3:35, “The Father loves the Son, and has placed everything in his hands. Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life…”

When praying to the Father, therefore, we see through his eyes. And his eyes are focused on his Son. In the Father’s eyes everything comes down to his Son. According to that verse there is nothing in the lives of us humans that doesn’t come from his Son, including our eternal life. The most important fact of life the Father would like us humans to understand, therefore, is his love for his Son. That’s the starting point.

That’s where our race through life for us humans begins. As we kneel at the starting blocks what we see looking down the track are the words of Jesus in John 16:27 when he said, “the Father himself loves you because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God.”

Jesus knew how important it was that we grasp who he is to the Father, that he came as the Father’s very own special emissary to this planet to fulfill every need and hope we humans have. It was him and him alone that the Father chose for that job – the big question then being, “Do we believe it?” And that to Jesus is the most important question, because if we acknowledge and recognize that the Father sent him to be the source and reason for everything in our lives, the Father loves us for it.

The Father loves us because we love his Son. He also loves us for the reason we love his Son, which is our belief that he “came from God.” To believe that Jesus came from God is simply acknowledging that Jesus, and that name alone, is both the source and reason for everything in our lives. And once we grasp that the Father loves us to pieces for it.

And Jesus understood that, which is why he got the point across again in John 14:21 that “He who loves me will be loved by my Father.” Acknowledge Jesus as the source and reason for everything in our lives, it automatically means that the Father loves us, and because the Father loves us it means he answers our requests, just like he answered Jesus’ requests when Jesus acknowledged him (the Father) as the source and reason for everything in his life.

Jesus boils all this down for us by saying, “just pray in my name,” because he knows what his name means to the Father, and when it means the same to us, the Father loves us too.


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