Searching for God – so, where is he?

For anyone actually interested in searching for God, where would he start?

Well, we’ve tried all kinds of things. Some people searched inside themselves for God, and thought they found him in some sort of “divine light” lurking inside them. Others thought the divine was all around them, so they made images and statues of gods that represented what they thought the divine looked like. Others built a picture of God from visions and dreams they had of him, and even created religions with many followers from their visions too. Some people believed God is found in altered states of consciousness created by drugs, hypnosis, chanting, and being slain in the spirit. Most people just create their own image of God, based on the need for something bigger than themselves to help them cope through life, but other people think that’s nonsense, because God then becomes a figment of human imagination, an artificial crutch, a hope, not a reality.

If we found a signpost with “Searching for God” on it, therefore, it would point in a dozen different directions, so which road do you take that doesn’t risk wasting an entire lifetime going nowhere?

I think I’d start where Paul started in Acts 17, when he was challenged by the intellectuals of Athens to prove the God he believed in was real. Paul started with something those people couldn’t deny, that the creation we find ourselves in came from somewhere, and was set up beautifully to support human life. So let’s call that something “God.” The next question is, “Why would a God, whoever or whatever that God is, make such an amazing creation with amazing creatures like us?” It’s a good question, because if you were God and had the ability to create things out of nothing, why create a planet like this one, and why humans?

Well, if I was God I wouldn’t do it for nothing. I’d want the creatures I created to know it was me who did it, to show them how incredible I am, and therefore what powers I can unleash for their benefit. I’d hope they’d be impressed enough, and curious enough, to want to get in contact with me.

Which is exactly what Paul said, that God made things the way he did so we couldn’t help wondering how such an amazing creation came to be, so that we would go looking for its source and in the process actually find it. In other words, follow up on the undeniable evidence there’s something remarkable out there, and don’t stop looking, because if it’s true this God also loves us, he’ll guide us on our way.