Was Jesus’ resurrection fake news?

We live in an age where anybody can make something up, spread it as news, and people believe it. So was that the case with Jesus’ resurrection?

If it was then it has to be the best fake news ever invented, because billions of people have fallen for it since it was first broadcast, billions more are still falling for it today, and billions more will likely fall for it in the future.

So what makes it so appealing?

Well, who wants to die? The idea, then, that someone came back from the dead, and in a human body too, has to be the most appealing thing possible for people who like life, like being human, and would rather not die. It makes us susceptible to believing a lie, yes, but there’s no denying the appeal.

And there’s no denying the appeal of being restored back to life and to all those things we love about this world that we never got the chance to explore and enjoy in this life now. Even if it’s only a daydream, what more appealing daydream is there?

Being resurrected back to a restored body and a restored world would also mean an end to pain and suffering. All the mental and emotional junk messing up our heads gets cleared up, no more anxiety and depression, and no more wrecked hopes and dreams from accidents, parental neglect, political turmoil, greedy cheats and scammers, disease, pollution, poverty, and all the other plagues and evils of this world. Imagine a world free of every physical, emotional, mental, and social hang-up and handicap. And all because a man who predicted such a world was resurrected from the dead to prove what he said was real.

And wouldn’t it be nice to know that a human just like ourselves, who understands us, is now in charge and has everything under control, and he’s bringing us all along the same route he went so we can be resurrected to life after death too? It really is appealing, but what if it’s all a terrible lie, conjured up by people who knew how to appeal to our base instincts to – to accomplish what, though? What gain was there to those who told the lie?

It got them a following and money, perhaps, but so what, when eventually they died? And by now, surely, we’d be able to see through their scam. But what if what Jesus said he’d do for us begins to happen to us when we believe him? Because that’s what makes his resurrection believable to all these billions of people, not because a few first century people said his resurrection happened.


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