Is Christianity about me and my future?

I woke up at the tail end of a frightening dream. I was in a church service singing a hymn, the congregation was swaying to the music and I was swaying in all the wrong directions, so I was glad when the hymn ended and we could all sit down. But just before sitting down the chap in front of me turned round and said, “I’m really looking forward to your sermon today.” Horrors: I’ve got the sermon? Right now?

So up I went and announced the first thing that came to mind, which was: “Christianity is not about self.” And that’s when I woke up. But in that twilight period of coming to, I pursued the thought further. How can Christianity be about me and my future when I’ve already “been raised with Christ,” Colossians 3:1, and my entire “life is now hidden with Christ in God,” verse 3?

The present preoccupation of much of Christianity with being good enough to go to heaven after we die, therefore, is at odds with Scripture which says we’re already in heaven with Christ and God. I don’t have to worry about me and my future at all then, do I, when Scripture clearly says my “self” has already been taken care of forever? But what, then, is the purpose of my human self now, while I’m still here on the Earth?

Well, when Jesus was here as a human he was in heaven and on Earth at the same time, just like we are. His reason for being on the Earth, meanwhile, was to be his Father’s agent. “See me, you see the Father,” he told Philip in John 14:9. So Jesus’ purpose for being here as a human was to be a perfect reflection of his Father.

And what people saw in Jesus was the relationship he had as a human with God. Jesus demonstrated that by obeying and trusting God in everything, and God always answered his every need. And there’s OUR reason too for being here on the Earth still; it’s to be JESUS’ agents, obeying and trusting him, and him taking care of our every need, so that people see the kind of relationship we humans can have with him.

My life is a reflection of that, which I’m able to do because “Christ is my life,” Colossians 3:4. Jesus now creates the same kind of relationship he had with the Father in me, through us obeying and trusting him.

Our concern isn’t about “me and my future,” then, because that’s all been taken care of already. It’s about what we’re here for now.