The real source of “spirituality”

A lot of people nowadays are dumping religion for “spirituality,” believing you don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. A Dad, for instance, can be so deeply moved by his newborn baby it becomes a “spiritual” experience for him. Music, too, creates emotions so intense that even atheists say they’ve been “moved spiritually.” And all kinds of non-religious people claim they’re having spiritual experiences through meditation or by tuning into the Earth’s vibrations.

Religious folk say it’s all a false spirituality, however, because in their opinion if you’re not doing the proper religious stuff in a proper religious place with a proper religious chap in charge, you’re no more spiritual than a horse. On the other hand, non-religious folk reply, all that religious stuff hasn’t exactly made religious people very spiritual either, has it?

They have a point; religious people are some of the most bloodthirsty maniacs on the planet, and many are elitist, condemning, self-righteous prats. Religion, therefore, doesn’t automatically make you spiritual; it can actually make you extremely unpleasant.

So what does make a person spiritual? Or, if one is seeking a truly spiritual experience, what defines it as spiritual? I ask because intense and extraordinary experiences can be created without a spirit source. Mind-altering drugs, for example, can create visions and out-of-body sensations as real as any claimed by mystics or religious folk.

The Bible, however, talks of a Spirit source that includes a clearly defined list of what spirituality really is (in Galatians 5:22) – and it doesn’t involve anything religious. There’s no religious ritual one has to perform, no temple one has to attend, or religion one has to join.

Anybody can receive what the Holy Spirit provides for nothing more than simply recognizing this is what Jesus died on the cross for, to make such a Spirit available to us. And what that Spirit does for us also happens to be exactly what we need on this planet. It provides us with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. And that’s the kind of spirituality I’d dearly love to have, rather than all that fluffy nonsense about getting in touch with the Earth goddess, or tapping into the divine within, because I notice I haven’t got much divine within me when someone cuts me off in traffic, and the Earth goddess isn’t exactly doing much to change people either, is she?

I need help from a source beyond myself that’s real, powerful and instant. It’s good to know, then, that when “the Spirit is the source of our life,” verse 25, the down-to-earth, practical help that I and the planet so desperately need is ready and available.


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