Can we save the world without God?

Rejecting God and Jesus as no longer real or relevant still leaves us with the problems of discrimination, racism, polarized views on sexual orientation and gender, and a host of other issues, opinions and feelings that separate, divide, marginalize, ostracize and drive an increasing number of people into conflict, depression and suicide.

So how are we going to save the world from all these problems without God?

Easy, society says, we create a world where everybody is treated fairly and equally, by honouring people’s right to be who they are, and embracing everyone no matter what they self-identify as. We also treat sexual and gender diversity as a normal, wonderful part of being human, and since we’re deeply emotional and spiritual beings we elevate feelings above facts. And to make sure this program goes ahead we make laws that require people to be inclusive of all, that shame and blame those who argue and disagree, that crush free speech and debate, and silence rebels with jail time, loss of income and public humiliation.

This way, society believes, we can put an end to people being marginalized, enabling all of us to get along by being free to be ourselves without discrimination, harassment, guilt or shame. And if we all get on board with the program we can save the world – and without any need for God and Jesus too. So, take that God; we can do without you.

Is God miffed by our arrogance? Not in Job 40:14 he isn’t. He tells Job, “I’ll gladly step aside and hand things over to you (since) you can save yourself with no help from me!” – or as another translation phrases it, “I’ll readily admit that your own right hand can save you.” Hey, if we can prove we can save the world without God, God’s response is, “Go for it.”

And we’ve certainly taken him up on his challenge too. We’ve come up with all sorts of utopian experiments, with the usual massive societal pressure to get everyone on board, but there are always people who resist, because they either feel their own rights are being trodden on, or they think they’ve got a much better idea. And God did warn in verses 11-13 that this would happen, that there would always be resistance. “But,” he says, “if you think you can bring these wicked people to their knees so all resistance is smashed forever and no evil exists anymore, then I’ll admit you can save the world without me.”

So, come up with something to save the world that everyone agrees with and there’s no resistance, and that’s when we can rightly say we don’t need God.