Christmas: from  shadows to reality

Repent and believe the good news

Hell is full of forgiven sinners

The damage done to relationships by expectations

There is a journey we must take first

You’re forgiven, you’re forgiven

Tell me about God Grampy

When a hug is needed too

Jesus, a King like no other king

Atheist or believer, love works

The end of our world as we know it?

A surprisingly good discovery as a result of war

Wherever you go is fine with me

What money can do when the Holy Spirit’s behind it!

The Sandwich Generation

When the Spirit leads the way

What is God waiting for?

Where does anger fit in?

Christ the Logos

The Old Testament: When God spoke to Christians

When someone wonders where God is

Where do “good works” fit in?

“How do I get my church to grow?”

Darwin versus Jesus

Who needs God to enjoy life?

Where Atheists and Christians agree

The boldness of the cross

“Who do you say I am?”

Proof that Jesus is alive

What’s God up to this year?

There’s life after abortion

Is this the end-time?

Creation or Evolution?

“I’m so spiritual.” Oh, really?

Trusting a weird God


Children, the key to a world that works

Freedom is possible

Is that really God’s voice I’m hearing?

Making schools safer

A radical idea for politicians

God and global warming

Religion versus relationship

An obsolete generation out of ideas

Does homosexuality have God’s blessing?

Belonging to a church made easy

Are all churches like this?

Christianity is not based on the Bible

Should religion be banned?

Is there really a Devil?

The power of love

Taking the heat out of Hell

True religion vs. religionism

Hope for murdered children

Does Christianity promise a charmed life?

“I can do all things”

Should Christians tithe?

An “Act of God?”

Christ’s faithful bride

Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, and Jesus

The world in 2063

To Hell and back

Killing God a good idea?

Does Eckhart Tolle have it right?

The Devil knows us well

Dreaming of the Rapture(s)


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